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Candombe / DRS004

Candombe / DRS004
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Code / Name: Candombe / DRS004

Year: 2008

Technique: oil on canvass

Size: 140 x 120

Comments: In the third decade of the nineteenth century the word candombe began to appear in Montevideo, referring to self-help dancing societies founded by persons of African descent. The term means "pertaining to blacks" in Ki-Kongo. In Montevideo it meant more than a dance or a music or a congregation, but all of the above. Candombe the dance was a local fusion of various African traditions. A complicated choreography included a final section with wild rhythms, freely improvised steps, and energetic, semi-athletic movements.A full candombe group, collectively known as a comparsa or candomblera, comprises the cuerda, a group of female dancers known as mulatas, and several stock characters, each with their own specific dances. The stock characters include: La Mama Vieja ("Old Mother"), the matriarch El Gramillero ("Medicine Man"), Mama Vieja's husband, responsible for health and well-being

Price: CHF 4000

Candombe / DRS004