Last tango in Zurich

Paradeplatz-Zurich Venecia Vienna Philharmonic Paris Tangolove.     Street tango TANGO  Salon de Tango Toreros III Toreros IV Zürich - Bar Odeon Zurich Last tango in Zurich Tango Chico 14 Months Sketches
Old Tango Malevos In red Tango Bar 62.  Love ABstracto II Tango La Boca  RED Leandro Gomez Old MAMMA VENEZIA - RIALTO BRIDGE Tango B&W Tango Montevideo Life Baila B&W Baila
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Code / Name: Sketches

Year: 2015

Technique: Ink, dry pen, paper.

Size: 113 x 83

Comments: Another unique piece that puts a full year of original sketches together covering Tango, Abstract and Citiy Series from the last 3 years. The sketches are done on napkins, block papers using dryness, or whatever the artist had in hand where he was. None of the sketches have been produced in the atelier. They are spontaneous inspirations done in various places.

Price: CHF 2000