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Jumeirah / Code DS006

Jumeirah / Code DS006
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Code / Name: Jumeirah / Code DS006

Year: 2009

Technique: Oil and water color on canvas

Size: 70x90

Comments: Historically, Arabs living in the Jumeirah were fishermen, pearl divers and traders. In modern times (1960 onwards) Jumeirah was the principal area for western expatriate residences, where the artist had the chance to live between 2003 and 2007. Jumeirah is generally agreed to be one of the most exclusive parts of Dubai and this has led to the use of the Jumeirah name as a brand which signifies exclusivity. A simple masterpiece used by the artist to practice what he will later develop in depth: the integration of Middle East with the West. More than design this piece of art represents history. About the Emirate and about the artist.

Price: USD 1000

Jumeirah / Code DS006