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Zürich - Bar Odeon

Zürich - Bar Odeon
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Code / Name: Zürich - Bar Odeon

Year: 2015

Technique: Oil and ink on canvas

Size: 130 x 130

Comments: The history of the Café ODEON reveals all the political and economic turmoil of the last nine decades. They were survived with more or less stability and are also mirror the various influences it went through. Here, politics were discussed and artistic movements found their cradle, people from most different nationalities, cultures and religions seeking refuge or distraction from every day life. It was Julius Uster, a merchant and a former colonel in the Swiss army, who built the "Usterhof", situated at the corner of “Sonnenquai" and Rämistrasse. And thus, a cafe in the style of Viennese coffee houses came to be in this multi-storey building with a tufa facade (limestone).On Sunday, July 1, 1911 at 6 pm, the "Grand Café ODEON" opened its doors.

Price: USD 4000

Zürich - Bar Odeon